PP-100N Server System Software Update file Software

Version Ver. 1.50
Uploaded date 2015/02/05
File size 12,552KB
Explanation Server System Software Ver.1.50 Update file (Version up from Ver.1.25 to Ver.1.50)
This content is usable in Europe only.

[Support model]

[About Server System Software Update file]

This software is Server System Software for version-up when a printer is repaired with SATA-KIT. This software is used only for PP-100 0xx types (SATA-KIT). For PP-100N 1xx types, please use version 2.00 or later version.

[Changes from the version 1.24]
- Added new function SATA-KIT ASP is available.
And the IP address is displayed in control panel when this product starts in the service mode.
- Changed function Delete Security Mode and PIN Controlled Mode. (*1)
- Bug fix It becomes built-in HDD capacity shortage when long term and continuous operating, and It hang-up.

*1: When using security mode, a printer cannot be repair with SATA-KIT. Please continue to use PATA DVD for this repair.

[Procedure for updating] For the detail, refer to the manual made at the file decompression.

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