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From this Web site you can download Software and Utilities for Epson Dot Matrix Printers used mainly in the back office such as LQ,DLQ,LX,FX,DFX, PLQ series. Please click "How to use this site" for details about the operation of this site.


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  • The login function on this website was deleted on April 23rd, 2018. User's information which was registered when they registered their accounts was deleted in May, 2018.

  • Notice of upgrading from Windows7/8.1 to Windows10
    Basically, the used printer driver in Windows7 and 8.1 is available to be used in the upgraded Windows10. However, we know that the state of the printer driver changes after upgrading due to the specifications of the OS. For example, the setting of standard TCP/LP port is migrated to WSD port. If you do not want to use with WSD port, please change the setting of port manually.
    Also on the page of the each contents, you can know whether the software supports Windows10 or not.


It is possible to download Software.
For more information on using this site, please visit the page How to use this site.

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