Release Note

Memory Switch Setting Utility for Windows (MSWUTL)

for TM-T81II (China Model)

Version 2.00

Issue Date : June.19, 2012

1. Outline

This utility has following features.

2. Contents of this release version

Install package is Installer_MSWUTL_T81IIchina.exe.
The below files are mainly included in installed program

3. Supports


Operating System

Disk Space

Communication Ports

Support Function


Outline of function

Communication Test -

Test the communication condition  between PC and printer. 

Printer Status Memory Switch Indicate or change for Memory switch settings
Communication Condition
User NVG
Indicate or change for communication condition of memory switch
Indicate capacity for User NVG
Customize Value Indicate or change for customize value

Please refer to the user's manual included in this utility about the settable value of above each  function.

4. History

Release Version (Issue Date) History
Ver.2.00 (June 19, 2012) New Release
Def file version is 1.00.