Release Note

TM-S1000 Utility

Version 1.03

Issue Date: Sep 2, 2009

1. Outline

We have released the TM-S1000 Utility Ver.1.03.
With the TM-S1000 Utility, you can check settings and operation of the TM-S1000. The utility has the following functions:

- Obtains/displays settings of the TM-S1000.
- Displays an error cause and troubleshooting when obtaining settings fails.
- Checks operations of the scanner, MICR, franker, pocket sorting, and buzzer.
- Performs cleaning of the MICR unit.

2. Contents of This Release Version

- --- This file archived TM-S1000 Utility.
- Release Note.

TM-S1000 Utility needs USB device driver because TM-S1000 Utility is operated via the USB device driver. So install the USB device driver. 

3. Operating Environment


Windows 2000 Professional SP4  English Edition
Windows XP Professional SP3 English Edition (32bit)
Windows Vista SP2 English Edition (32bit, 64bit)
*Windows 95/98/NT and all 64-bit version of Windows are not supported (except for Windows Vista).


IBM PC/AT compatible machine using an OS described above.

Connect Interface

USB (full-speed/high-speed) standard

4. History

Release Version (Issue Date)



Ver.1.03 (September 2, 2009)

Added new function

It corresponded to Windows XP Professional SP3 (32bit) and Windows Vista SP2 (32bit, 64bit).


Added support model

90DPM model and Single Feed model.

Ver.1.02 (June 16, 2008)

Bug Fix

Phenomenon correction for that:
When TM-S1000 and other TM device are connected to PC via USB and then other TM device is communicating, TM-S1000 Utility may not get the information of TM-S1000.

Ver.1.01 (November 30, 2007)

Bug Fix

After APD was installed in the system and printer was set, if OS was booted up without connecting the printer, then “Get Information” or “Scanner Test” Menu was executed, an error may occur. we corrected this phenomenon.

Ver.1.0 (October 10, 2007)

Newly Authorized.



- END -